De Luscious Alcoholic Cakes

Toast to the Sweet Fusion of Cake and Cocktails

HoneyLoveCakery invites you to experience the unique, spirited creations of De Luscious, our partner renowned for their cocktail-inspired alcohol cakes. Perfect for adult celebrations, De Luscious combines the craft of baking with the art of mixology to produce cakes that are a feast for the senses.

Cocktail-Inspired Confections

De Luscious specializes in infusing classic cake flavors with the zest and zing of popular cocktails. From the velvety richness of a whiskey-infused chocolate cake to the light and bubbly charm of a champagne sponge, their cakes are sure to ignite your palate and elevate any celebration.

A Menu of Grown-Up Delights

Whether you’re commemorating a birthday, hosting a bachelorette party, or just gathering for a night in with friends, De Luscious offers a sophisticated twist on traditional cakes:

Reliable Delivery Service

Celebration should come with convenience, and De Luscious ensures that your alcohol-infused cake is delivered on time for your toast. Their dedicated cake delivery service brings the party to your doorstep, complete with the care and quality you deserve.

Order Your Celebration Cake

At HoneyLoveCakery, we are thrilled to partner with De Luscious and offer our customers the option to indulge in these innovative and luscious cakes. Raise your glasses and your forks to a celebration that’s both sweet and spirited!