Our Beloved Partners

At HoneyLoveCakery, we believe in the sweet power of collaboration. We’re proud to partner with local confectioners who share our passion for quality and creativity. Our partners specialize in unique offerings that complement our menu, ensuring that no matter your preference or occasion, we have something special for you. Meet the amazing artisans we work with:

Mama Girl Baking

Specializing in a variety of celebratory confections, Mama Girl Baking brings tradition and innovation together in every bite. Known for their exquisite wedding cakes, vibrant birthday cakes, custom creations, and designer cakes, they’re masters of making your cake dreams come true. And with their reliable cake delivery service, your delicious desires are just an order away.

MMG Patisserie

For those with a taste for the traditional with a modern twist, MMG Patisserie is our go-to expert. Their specialty lies in crafting the delicate layers of Medovik honey cakes, a sweet treat perfect for casual dessert indulgence or as a centerpiece for birthdays and other festivities. Their choux au craquelins are little bites of heaven that you won’t want to miss. Yes, they deliver these delights right to your door as well!

De Luscious

When it’s time to raise a toast, De Luscious offers a cake to match the moment. Their cocktail-inspired alcoholic cakes are a hit for any adult celebration, combining the zest of your favorite drinks with the sweetness of a perfectly baked cake. Ideal for birthdays, celebrations, or whenever you want to add a spirited twist to your party. And the cherry on top? They offer cake delivery to bring the party straight to your location.

Together, We Bake Your Day

Our partnership with these talented bakers means that HoneyLoveCakery can offer an even wider array of choices to our customers. Whether you’re looking for a cake that’s traditional, trendy, or tantalizingly tipsy, we and our partners have something for you.

We are proud to work alongside these local businesses that share our dedication to quality, artistry, and exceptional service.