Tips for Newborn Photography Sessions

Philadelphia Newborn Photographers

Photography is a creative art by nature. This means that a good photographer has skills beyond just knowing how to work a high-tech camera. In fact, photography is one of the few careers that offers unlimited creative freedom. You can capture a subject that’s been photographed a million times before, but if you add a unique angle, it can look like something that’s never been seen before.

If you want to truly capture your art and churn out gorgeous photographs that people will love, start with these 5 simple tips.

1. Mix it Up with Mixed Lighting

This takes some practice to get right, but mixing your light sources in a photo can help create something truly dynamic. Note that if it’s done the wrong way, it can cause people to have discolored skin tones in the final image.

The key is with separation. Separate the lights sources so they don’t mix with each other. That way, you have different temperatures on each side of the photograph. Try taking a picture of someone whose face is bathed in light on the right, but cloaked in shadow on the left.

2. Tilt Your Lens

Most basic photography lessons will teach you that the subject must be centered in the image. It’s time to break the rules to create something unique that your clients will love. In fact, this has become a popular technique for making pictures more interesting.

It’s called tilt-shift. It is a technique in which you throw the plane of focus off, creating a multi-subject picture. This can give your image a completely different perspective. Practice with your tilt-shift lens until you create an effect that you (and your customers) love.

3. Fog is Your Friend

Fog machines can add a lot of atmosphere to your photography scene. This is an especially good tool when you are capturing more romantic or intimate moments with spotlight lighting. There’s something beloved about the way fog curls around light mysteriously. If fog machines are too cumbersome or too costly for you, don’t worry, there’s another option. Atmosphere Aerosol is basically fog in a can, and you can simply spray the areas of light where you want the fog to appear. It’s much more portable than a fog machine, and it can last for quite a while too!

4. Reflections Are Key

Reflections can drastically alter the backdrop of a picture. With a little practice and creative skill, this can be done to your advantage. What you need is a prism. Prisms are affordable and small, so you can take them with you anywhere you go.

Use prisms the right way:

  • Put the prism in front of your lens and turn it until you find a composition that you love. Think of it like a kaleidoscope. 
  • Write down how you held the prism so you can recreate that wonderful look in the future.

5. Use A Spray Bottle

What does a spray bottle have to do with photography? Is it used to splash the subjects with water when they misbehave? Actually, a spray bottle can create a wonderfully glamorous effect. While you may think twice about putting water anywhere near your expensive photography equipment, when used lightly it can really work. Use a spray bottle gently on your lens during a shoot, and it will reflect light in beautiful ways. This is often called a bokeh effect, in which lots of bright shimmers cover the photo. This is an effect that could only otherwise be achieved through editing software.